2 comments on “Tera Online: True Action Combat?

  1. Thanks for taking the time to write this. I got the impression that you weren’t extremely tolerant with the combat system though that may be because quickly you learned that unfortunately your fears were true and that it really isn’t a ‘true action combat’ system.

    People said TERA wasn’t even worth a beta download. I had believed them , though being a bit open minded was still considering it. Your words however seals the deal for me – and confirms what I also feared too,.

    Besides, when I slash something with a sword, I don’t want to hear banging and punching sounds like an old episode of Batman with Adam West. For some reason the Asians don’t understand this – and they should know better, since bladed weapons are so highly ingrained in their history.

    • The thanks is much appreciated! I can’t really say much about the game myself since I did not try it, but I was present when Zen was playing the beta. I didn’t experience the combat system first hand but having it explained in great detail to me and seeing the videos made me shy away from the game for sure. The biggest reason for me not wanting to play was the uh.. Loli race or whatever – I don’t think I could honestly play a game like that where people can around with that as an avatar. As per the combat sounds, I too do not have a fondness for a lot of asian-based combat games of any kind that incorporate too much of what I call ‘powering up’ or just trying to out-do Bruce Lee in noise making whilst fighting. It’s annoying as all hell and detracts from my enjoyment of the combat no matter how fluid or spectacular it may be.

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